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The Urban Search and Rescue Standard by EMAP is the set of 44 standards by which US&R Resources that apply for EMAP certification are evaluated.  The Urban Search and Rescue Standard is designed as a tool for continuous improvement as part of the voluntary certification process for urban serach and rescue resources.  

The Urban Search and Rescue Standard covers:

  • Program Management
  • Finance
  • Planning and Procedures
  • Incident Management
  • Alert and Mobilization
  • Training and Exercises
  • Resource Management and Logistics 

EMAP maintains a three-year cycle for the Urban Searh and Rescue Standard. The three year review cycle is designed to ensure committee and commission review of comments from the public, applicant US&R Resources, and assessors as well as evolving industry practices.  The Urban Search and Rescue Standard is reviewed and updated through the work of the EMAP Technical Committee, which makes recommendations to the EMAP Commission.

EMAP will retain allowance for using previous standards for programs that have assessment scheduled when new version of standards goes into effect.   View EMAP's ANSI Standard Operating Procedures for more information.

  Urban Search and Rescue Standard by EMAP, 2016

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