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The EMAP Training Course is an opportunity for emergency management professionals within emergency management programs to learn about the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP), EMAP standards, and preparing their programs for assessment and accreditation.

*EMAP training is mandated for all Program EMAP Accreditation/Assessment Managers and Assessors. For information regarding training opportunities, please contact EMAP staff at [email protected]

When & Where is Training?

  • Due to COVID-19, all EMAP trainings scheduled in 2020 have been transitioned from on-site offerings to virtual offerings. 
  • EMAP is providing four (4) virtual cohort trainings on the 2019 Emergency Management Standard from August through November 2020. These trainings are very similar to previous on-site trainings; they have just been adapted to a virtual environmnet. Each virtual cohort training is four (4) weeks in length, requiring the participation of attendees in one (1) afternoon session and small group work weekly. The virtual cohort training registration fee is $250. If you would be interested in participating in one (1) of the virtual cohort training offerings, please complete the interest form accessible at https://forms.gle/8qi51owBVhqFn8EG9. The dates for the individual cohort training sessions is included in the registration form. 
  • If you have any questions about the virtual cohort trainings or 2021 on-site trainings, please contact Ms. Lindsey Shafer, EMAP Training Coordinator, at [email protected]

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