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Subscribe to EMAP

Subscribe to EMAP

State and local emergency management programs (departments, divisions or offices) responsible for emergency management functions -- will "subscribe" as the first step to the accreditation process. Programs and individuals may subscribe online or on paper via mail or fax.

To subscribe please complete EMAP Subscription Form and submit (per instructions on the form).

Subscribing provides a program access to the Program Assessment Tool and other services. An EMAP subscription is valid for one calendar year and is renewable annually.

The subscription package consists of the following:

  • Unlimited license to the EMAP Program Assessment Tool for one calendar year;
  • Each subscription waives registration fee to attend the Accreditation Manager Training and obtain programmatic information and tools to guide jurisdiction through EMAP process;
  • Unlimited access to online forum for EMAP support with standards and compliance issues;
  • Unlimited access to webinars for standards training;
  • Access to EMAP video library on preparing for an assessment; Document peer-reviews of self-assessment (2 specific standard areas) that culminate in a report for the jurisdiction;
  • Unlimited access to best practices and model plans that meet compliance with EMAP standards; and Opportunities to participate on standards development work groups.

Subscription prices are below in US dollars.

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